Still Freezing My Ass Off

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I survived the Polar Bear Swim!

TODAY: Protest the Massacre in Gaza!
Join Adalah-NY Monday, Dec 29th as we raise awareness of and protest Israel’s attacks against Gaza and ongoing war crimes.

Adalah-NY will be leafleting on Monday, from 5:00 to 6:00 at Union Square and 2 blocks south of Herald Square. We will then meet up at 32nd St. for a funeral procession up 6th Ave to Bryant Park.

* The flyer can be found here. Please print and distribute widely as organizations and individuals. If you would like a version of the flyer with your group's name on it, please e-mail
* Adalah-NY is organizing two meeting locations for fliering on Monday at 5:00:

1. The south end of Union Square, near the corner of 14th St and 5th Ave.
2. The triangular park at 6th Av. & 32nd Street.

We welcome you to join us and we encourage other organizations to choose their own flyering locations and then to join the procession.

* We will all meet-up for the procession up 6th Ave at 6:30. We will be meeting at the triangular park at 6th Av. & 32nd Street. Look for the Palestinian Flag.

Re: Fantasy Road Trip Part I (revised)
from sally
to barbara
date Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 4:34 PM
subject Re: Road Trip!

Haha! I knew you were going to say that about the jell-o museum! The reason I didn't put it in is because Rochester is northwest of Ithaca and Ohio is southwest, but if you insist:

Roadtrip Revised:

Ithaca to Le Roy Route
Jello Museum Website

Le Roy to Buffalo Route
I would love to visit Buffalo! We can check out the campus and maybe some of the neighborhoods nearby, too. Then we can go to the zoo to see Surapa, the painting elephant!

Buffalo to Cleveland Route

Toronto's way out of the way from Ohio, but maybe tomorrow I'll work on a Rochester-Buffalo-Hamilton-Toronto trip! I bet that one would be loads of fun too!

I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that I probably don't need to go as far as Toronto to get condoms. I do appreciate the positive thinking about the future of my sex life though, even if it is wildly inappropriate, mother.

You don't have to be so interested in this as to click on any of the links I sent, except for one. You have to go look at the link for the One and Only Presidential Hotel. It's incredible!!! Here it is again:

I don't know if I can wait until the summer for a roadtrip!

Okay, tomorrow..... Canada.


Re: Fantasy Road Trip Part I
from mom
to sally
date Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 4:11 PM

That road trip sounds damned exciting. Can we add the Jello Museum? I never got to go and I think its in the way to Cleveland.
Summer is looking good. We'll see Buffalo on the way (if thats where you are going) orToronto is always fun. They have lots of condom stores. You can stock up for graduate school!
See you soon and you can show me how you found such an interesting and educational adventure.
Love Mommy

Fantasy Road Trip Part I
from sally
to mom
date Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 3:40 PM

Hi mom!!!

Well, I'm bored at work! Here is a future road trip that we can go on - or not - after I get my license:

First Leg: Ithaca to Cleveland

If we're feeling detourish, the World's Largest Mary Statue isn't that far out of the way. Also, there's the One and Only Presidential Museum, which I can't even begin to explain. I don't know how I've never heard of this before, but oh man, is my mind blown! No really. I think we HAVE to go there.

And once we make it to "The Mistake on the Lake"... well... duh. There's the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame, where we can see pieces of Otis Redding's airplane and (OMG!) Slash's top hat and leather jacket!!!

After that, we can move on to the World's Largest Rubber Stamp. Uhh... that's the best I could find. Cleveland's a little dull. Onward to "Porkopolis"!

Second Leg: Cleveland to Cincinnati

On the way we can stop at the Biblewalk and Living Bible Museum in Mansfield, Ohio - Ohio's only life-sized wax museum! How can you not want to see a giant statue of Job covered in boils?

In Fairfield, right outside of Cincinnati, we can tour Jungle Jim's International Market, where "a full-size authentic horse-drawn buggy looms over the Amish-style meats and groceries section, and a large animated lion dressed like Elvis sings every five minutes on a glittery stage." Displays include dancing animatronic animals, an authentic shrimp boat, and even a fire truck suspended over 1,000 different hot sauces. (FYI, this was the original inspiration for this trip).

And you know there's no way I'm leaving the Queens City without a trip to the Passenger Pigeon Memorial Hut at the Cincinnati Zoo! Remind me to bring tissues for that one.

Third Leg: Cincinnati to Pittsburgh

On the way we can stop in Seaman, Ohio and visit the Alexander Salamon Airport! And, since Columbus is on the way, why not stop over at the Topiary French People? It's free.

First stop in the City of Steel? If it's still there, how about checking out Andy Warhol's Stuffed Great Dane? Or Fredosaurus Rex - an eight-foot-tall T-Rex dressed like Mr. Rogers! There's also St. Anthony's Chapel - home to 5,000 religious relics.

I don't really know why I think I like Pittsburgh so much, but if we luck out with the weather I'd be really happy wandering around the different bridges and neighborhoods. Oo! And maybe we could find the office where Berkman tried to kill Frick!!! Exciting!

Okay, I totally fell asleep during "The Dawn of the Dead", but I'm willing to give it another go and then pilgrimage over to the mall where the movie was filmed. I sure do like me some zombie movies!

And, of course, depending on our timing, we could possibly check out a Penguins game! God I hate those guys. I bet it'd be a real blast to see them waddling and crying all over the Igloo. Boohoo!

Okay, that's all I got.

Return Route

What do you think, mommele?

Love you!

Dubinsky at the Boot Auditions

One Bedroom apartment in Brooklyn available mid-January!
My wonderful apartment in Prospect Lefferts Gardens will be available next month when I move out of the city. It's a one bedroom with a separate kitchen/living room on the 3rd floor. Doesn't get much sunlight, but it's quiet, the landlord and neighbors are great, and it's only a 10-minute walk to Prospect Park. Close to both the Sterling and Winthrop stops on the 2/5 train, and the Q/B/Shuttle (Prospect Park station) is within walking distance. Rent will be slightly higher than $900/month, not sure how much exactly.

I've really, really loved living here and will be so sad to leave this apartment. Would be great to know that someone awesome is taking care of the place.

Please let me know if you or anyone you know is interested!

Best Work Email
Just got this one in response to a mass newsletter:

"We already have wonderful contacts in NYC for all of our trips and have been using these for years. We are VERY acquainted with the city and do our own packaging. Thanks, may God bless you with a wonderful Christmas as we celebrate the birth of His Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ. Please remove us from your e-mail list."



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So bored at work again today.

Helicopter Ride!!!

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